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Fire Extinguisher San Leandro

fire extinguisher san leandro

Fire Extinguisher San Leandro.

At Acme Fire Extinguisher Co. we provide a wide array of different services in fire extinguishing and fire safety. We provide a full-service, helping our customers to meet regulations, protect their property and learn how to use our equipment properly. Our consultation services ensure not only that you meet the regulations required by your local government but also take the best steps to keep your business safe.

Oakland Fire Alarm Systems

Oakland Fire Alarm Systems

There is something immensely rewarding about gaining the trust and confidence of your customers. Particularly when your role is to provide them with quality Fire and Safety products and services. When the people of Oakland contact us, it’s for far more than a simple delivery. They are trusting us with providing them with the first line of defense for their residential or commercial property.

No one ever knows when they’ll be faced with an emergency. Natural disasters and unfortunate loss never come with forewarning. To ensure that your family, employee, and assets have the best chance of avoiding harm, you’ll need to take a few preventative measures.

If you don’t have an existing Fire and Safety system, RN Security Company is the perfect company to offer you its assistance. As a licensed, insured member of some of the most prestigious organizations in the industry, we are the most knowledgeable source for all of your Fire, Burglary Video Surveillance, Access Control and Communication needs.

Our trained technicians are more than qualified to install, service, repair, inspect, or upgrade any existing systems you may have. We’re so experienced, we can handle almost any style system, even if we didn’t install it. Frequent monitoring can detect any potential issues with your equipment or the design of your system. By allowing us to assess your home or business with our professional eyes, you could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars in repairs. More importantly, you could save lives.

That’s a major responsibility and it should only be trusted to proven professionals. RN Security Company has been open for business since 1968. As the years progressed, we continuously expanded our offering- now we serve as a completely full service Fire and Safety provider.

Allow the same level of professionalism, ethics, and experience that’s been used to help thousands of clients with the treatment of their commercial, industrial, medical, retail, government, and residential properties to service your needs as well.

With a margin of error that’s virtually nonexistent in this industry, you’ll also appreciate the Quality and Safety integrated into our work. We aren’t satisfied with the uncertainty of subcontractors. You’ll never know the true level of experience contracted technicians bring to an assignment. This is the very reason why we never use them. Our staff is made up of highly skilled, long-term employees- many have been with our business for more than 10 years.

We go to extensive measures to provide you with an unmatched quality of service. RN Security Company has made expansive advancements from the small lock installation company we once were. Our commitment to our customers has grown immensely over the years which means we had to grow with it.

As we continued to identify unmet needs within the industry, we took the initiative to become the leading name in all areas.

Fire Control

Should you need installation, service, or repair of fire protection equipment, never leave it unattended. RN Security Company offers a wide variety of high quality products from the best brands in the industry including:

  • Amseco
  • Cooper Wheelock
  • Edwards Signaling
  • ESL
  • Firelite
  • GE
  • Gentex
  • Macurco
  • Silent Knight

Burglar Alarm Systems

Intruders don’t have any respect for the time and effort that went into acquiring your home, business, or any of its contents. Many don’t have any regard for the safety of your family members or employees either.

If there’s one thing that every member of society deserves, it’s peace of mind. Our technicians can create a custom security option that protects your entire property inside and out. Through extensive training and unmatched innovation, we are able to provide discreet security solutions from major names. You won’t be plagued with a mess of wires and transmitters when we’re finished protecting your space. When you rest your head at night, it’ll be with the confidence that the people and properties you love are safe and secure.

As designers, technicians, and certified inspectors, there is no limit to the services we can offer you. Give us a call to schedule a visit to your location. Our technician will provide you with a competitive proposal completely FREE. It’ll consist of a detailed description of the parts/labor and work we’ll provide you. Outstanding customer service is just a phone call away. Contact us today.

Acme Fire Extinguisher Co.

Acme Fire Extinguisher Co.

Most fire extinguisher and protection companies go through the motions. They provide the extinguishers, set them up and go about their day. We’re not one of those businesses.

We go the extra mile to ensure that you not only receive the best equipment, but also know how to use that equipment and have a plan for keeping your property, visitors and employees safe.

Our Products and Services:
Fire extinguisher(s)
Fire extinguisher services
Fire extinguisher cabinets
Fire extinguisher inspection
Fire hoses
Flame retardant
Emergency exit signs and lighting
Fire extinguisher recharging

Burglar Alarm Systems

Our creative solutions to challenging installations mean complete protection for you without the unsightly wires and transmitters associated with many security systems. We can even personalize your system to control lights and other home automation features. RN Security Company can help you find the right security solution for you and your family.

Our Services:
Fire Alarm Systems Haywayd
Security Systems Haywayd
Burglar Alarm Systems Haywayd
Video Surveillance Systems Haywayd
Access Control Systems Haywayd
Communication Systems Haywayd
24 Hour Monitoring Haywayd Haywayd

Fire & Life Safety Systems


Sabah designs, installs, and maintains a complete line of fire alarm signaling systems.  Our multiplex systems use distributed memory, processing and control in instances of critical life safety, and are configured with redundant computers that support analog/addressable or traditional detection methods.  Integral to these systems is the capability for audio evacuation with tone, paging, or digital message repeater and firefighter telephone systems.