Driveway Pavers Fremont

Driveway Pavers


Interlocking stone or concrete pavers such as we offer here at Select Pavers completely transcends poured concrete as a driveway medium, to say the least. For one thing, there’s the performance: Where straight concrete suffers from cracking and chipping, pavers construct a more durable surface. One that’s substantially less expensive to repair. Stone pavers claim three times the strength of poured concrete and stand up better in the face of earthquakes.

Then there’s the aesthetic impact. Interlocking pavers add remarkably more character to a driveway than poured concrete. Instead of being a featureless swath of pavement, your driveway becomes its own artistic landmark of your property. Also, it’s completely customizable: The different shapes, outlines, and textures of our paving stones and concrete pavers result in impressive flexibility when it comes to design.